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International References

i am thinking of relocating to another country…australia from UK and need a get a Job ref to get up the corporate ladder, can you help and if so how?

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Background Checks

If a potential employer does a background check does unemployment show up?

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Don’t like the idea of cheating, but this site rocks!

I don’t really condone cheating, but this site is an original and unique way to help yourself professionally. If you need a reference or doctor’s note to help your professional situation, I’m all for it.

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My Gym Time

I was not satisfied in my relationship, when I found someone who did the job I created a pseudo personal trainer which I had to see 3 times a week. In order for this to work, we had to work out really, really hard to see the results :)

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AshleyMadison.com has a new free site


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Business Trip, want to watch?

I was out on a business trip. I went out to one of the local clubs, where so happened to catch the eye of this very attractive woman.

I walked over to talk to her. She seemed very interrested. Eventually I asked her if she would like to come over to my hotel room. She said yes, but that she was here with her husband and pointed out a man in the corner watching us.

I kinda fiqured what was going on here. So I said “he could come over too. ” She got really excited about it and said, “Let me check with my husband”. Next thing I know we are back in my hotel room with me mounted on her with her husband watching from the chair.

I got to admit, it definitly was a good night. Wouldn’t mind doing that again. I just hope my wife back home never finds out.

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